365 Day Project, Year 2016 - laylallewelyn

Sleep Tight, Trixie (Day 212/366)

This day was especially difficult, as the family lost a little piece of its heart with the passing of this sweet spirit. Some days unfold in a very unexpected manner. As I sat on the floor of the animal hospital comforting Trixie, she finally fell asleep, and I thought about the very first photo I took of her. It was our first encounter. Jamila walked through my front door with this tiny American Bulldog pup gathered up in her arms. She was gypsy, but oh so cute. And when I asked her name, Trixie was what followed. On the floor of my condo they sat for some quick photos with my point and shoot Sony Cybershot. Back in the hospital, I turned to my camera, usually in tow. On it still, from yesterday’s photo, was my macro lens. I took a few moments to capture little parts of Trixie, so I wouldn’t forget the parts that made the whole so special. This one is my favorite. Sleep well, baby girl.